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The Evolution of Beauty Schools—Redefining the Roles of Cosmetologists

“Beauticians can run the state better than politicians,” said an American county singer. He was not wrong; the way a modern beautician runs a salon—a place to rejuvenate and unwind the body and soul—is no less industrious than running a state. A skilled beautician can talk lucidly, like an orator, to connect instantly with clients;…

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What DoYou Learn in Beauty Courses?

Do you have a penchant for making people beautiful? Be certified and fuel your passion that can propel career to new heights. Unlike what it seems, for being a skilled beautician, you need a range of skills that are not limited to cosmetics. Other than knowing hair styling, cutting, colouring, facial, make-up, and massage, you…

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How Beauty Courses Mould Cosmetologists

Cosmetologists know how to accentuate features and bring out the beauty of their clients. Most of us wonder, is that an innate skill? Or,do they learn it while working? Neither is entirely true. Beauticians or cosmetologists are highly trained professionals who are moulded in the beauty courses. With proper guidance and training, they master different…

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