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The Evolution of Beauty Schools—Redefining the Roles of Cosmetologists

“Beauticians can run the state better than politicians,” said an American county singer. He was not wrong; the way a modern beautician runs a salon—a place to rejuvenate and unwind the body and soul—is no less industrious than running a state. A skilled beautician can talk lucidly, like an orator, to connect instantly with clients; perform cosmetic procedures, like an artist, efficiently; manages finances, like an accountant; and provide relaxing space, like a healer.

Evidently, such broad sets of skills cannot be attained without proper training; it all starts at beauty schools. The contemporary schools make sure that graduates are not only dexterous with cosmetic procedures, but with a range of administrative and communication skills.

With an eye on perfection, beauty education, over time, have diverged in an array of courses, including

  • Threading courses
  • Therapeutic courses
  • Facial courses
  • Tanning courses
  • Waxing courses

The beauty courses now focus on producing professionals who understand every element of a procedure. To give a perspective, let us take an example of threading courses.

In this course, a student learns the anatomy of hair and hair follicle before touching a thread. Trainees are given knowledge about the ill effects of products, such as bleach and skin procedures like heat treatment, in a threading procedure.

In threading courses, major emphasis is given to hygiene and sterilisation; thus, different techniques of threading are imparted. A skilled professional can hold a cotton thread by hand as well as by mouth based on the area, such as upper lip, forehead, cheek, legs or eyebrows.

  • In the mouth technique, one end of a thread is held in mouth; however, it is made sure that the thread did not leave mouth until the procedure is over.
  • In the hand-held technique, the string is tied in a loop and the loop is hold in hand. With a slick motion, like those of artists, hair is removed precisely.

Along with hands on experience, for imparting communication and financial skills, special classes are taken to improve the overall personalities of students.

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