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Specialisation Courses—From a Beautician to an Artist

They say, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”; however, in the modern world, it is not a hyperbole to say, “Beauty lies in the hands of the beautician”. With a cache of cosmetic procedures available, a skilled beautician can bring out stunning elements in one’s look, while toning the aberrations down.

Beauticians are no less artists than what designers in the world of contemporary fashion are; they spend significant amount of time to perfect their craft.

However, the degree of perfection that clients seek these days is making the job of beauticians more specialised, and the jack-of-all-trades is giving way to the master-of-one trend.

Gauging the need of specialisation, many beauty schools offer advance courses in such as

  • Waxing courses
  • Tanning courses
  • Nail courses
  • Hair courses
  • Massage courses

With great many people seeking regular hair removal procedures, waxing has flourished into an independent profession. In addition, waxing courses focus on producing skilled professionals that understand the procedure and how it can be rendered safely to people with different kind of skins.

A well-trained waxing professional knows how different stages of hair growth—anagen stage, catagen stage and telogen stage—can be a factor in a successful waxing procedure. For effective results, it is important that all hair is at the same stage.

Similarly, tanning professionals in the beauty schools are trained to understand how different tanning agents work for different skin shades. The airbrush and compression techniques are imparted and hand on experience make them master the art.

The same trend is followed in the nail courses; other than simple manicure and pedicure procedures, a range of nail art has emerged, making a nail artist a professional with distinct capabilities. There are shellac nail and gel nail courses; the former focuses on the application of UV gel polishes and the latter focuses on the nail extension technique. With the advent of nail extension procedures, manicurists have become the most sought after professionals.

Evidently, specialisation courses open new gates for beauticians too earn more money as well as respect.

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