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Reflexology Course Birmingham

Reflexology is a non-invasive, integrative alternative holistic approach to wellness and healing. It is based on the principle that our hands and feet represents all parts and organs of the body. And by applying pressure and massage to the hands and feet’s reflex areas will affect better flow of energy to body part and result to better functions. Reflexology is recognized as an alternative healing method and can be administered by a duly certified practitioner or therapist. This can be added to a repertoire of service in a salon or spa or as an individual service. Reflexology courses Birmingham offers comprehensive study in theory and practice application of the principles.

Reflexology courses in Birmingham provides a complete training facility to students. The courses are held in small batches. This ensures the student and facilitator or instructor interaction is well balanced especially in the practical application of reflexology theories. The courses offered are accredited by The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapist and Guild of Holistic Therapist. The accreditation will enable students of reflexology courses Birmingham memberships to the guilds and facilitate insurance in practicing the holistic therapy.

Courses offered are for beginner and advanced students. These courses teaches students the principles and applications of reflexology which will enable them to work as individual therapists. These reflexology courses in Birmingham equips students to start their own home based service or mobile therapy service. For beauty salon and spa owners, the courses offer great opportunity to add reflexology as a holistic service in their salons or spas, improving the wellbeing and further relieve clients of the stress in their daily grind.

The topics covered in the reflexology courses in Birmingham includes reflexology maps of hands and feet, anatomy and physiology. The courses also covers how to customize the therapy sessions depending on client’s health issues. Professionalism, safety and ethical practices are discussed thoroughly in the classes. Students are given detailed scenarios to work on each course sessions. Business practices and marketing relevant to reflexology are discussed for the benefit of students wanting to put up their own services as a home based or mobile, on call business.

Reflexology is an alternative career in beauty and wellness. Therapists have the option of setting up their own shop, home based or mobile. The reflexology courses in Birmingham give added value to the services of beauty and holistic therapists. These open new venues to further develop careers in beauty and wellness and income generation.

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