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Hot Stone Therapy Massage Course

Hot stone therapy is a massage therapy using stones to facilitate ease of muscles from tension and stress as well as relieve certain discomforts and pain. For centuries, heated stones were used to ease muscle pains. Hot stones are placed on particular energy centers which enables the body to release chemicals that facilitate relaxation and release the tension from the muscles. Hot stone therapy massage course is a certification course for therapist to practice the application of hot stones on their clients followed by a holistic or deep tissue massage.

Through the hot stone therapy massage course, an individual will be equipped with the knowledge on how the stone work their magic. The certification course provide the syllabus which includes why stones are heated, the different types of stones used in the therapy and method of heating the stones. The course also covers the how to keep the stones hot for on call therapists.

Hot stone therapy massage is beneficial to the body in many ways, aside from relaxing muscles. In the hot stone therapy massage course, the student is educated on the different benefits of the massage. The relief it can provide their clientele from insomnia, anxiety, arthritis and improving circulation. The course also covers how certain ailments’ pain and discomfort are handled and alleviated through the massage. Ailments such as carpal tunnel, rheumatism, muscle tension, chronic fatigue and stress are thoroughly discussed.

In the hot stone therapy massage course, students are kept in small numbers to ensure that each would get the attention needed from instructors for questions and during demonstration and practice. The course is facilitated in an environment equal to a spa or hotel room to imitate the scenarios students will actually work in whether they choose house calls or a home based spa. The whole ambiance of the real working environment will encourage students in their lessons. The course will provide all the equipment necessary for the students to complete their course and certification. The school is accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapist and Guild of Holistic Therapist, which upon certification, students become registered members of the guilds. Membership in the guilds ensures the proper insurances are attained by new student members as well as open doors for employment if so desired.

Hot stone therapy massage course will bring in new opportunities to further a career in beauty and wellness. It is for individuals who wants to start their own business, keep their own time and most important, willing to provide wellness to others.

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