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Hot stone massage therapy is one of the newest techniques to relax your body. The heat transmitted to your body is deeper than any other technique. This is one of the effective forms of massage using rounded volcanic basalt stones. These heated stones are placed on the client’s body and the heat from the stones are passed on to the body to relax muscles of the body. The treatment is used for relaxation or therapeutic reasons. Hot stone massage is considered as one of the popular treatments in spas throughout the world. This hot stone massage courseis ideal for people looking to learn this invigorating and amazing massage treatment.

Since heat massage or heat therapy has become one of the most popular over the last ten years, it has become one of the best platforms to start your home business. If you are a therapist and working in harmony with massage, then this hot stone massage course can be beneficial for you. With this new technique/ therapy, the heat gently penetrates the body and muscle, allowing the client to relax and de-toxify in quick time.

The stones used for the massage are heated in water under the temperature of about 120–150 degrees. Basalt stones are smooth stones and they are naturally polished by the flow of the river. These stones have the property to retain heat and is considered as one of the best stones for heat massage. Many essential oils are also used during this therapy. Hot stone massage course has become quite popular and the demand of this therapy has increased in folds.

Benefits of hot stone massage:

Increase blood circulation: this particular massage is performed in one specific direction and the heated stones are placed one after the other to transfer heat to the underlying tissues. The heating of tissues results in vasodilatation of the blood vessels which, however increases the blood circulation.

Improve lymphatic drainage: This massage therapy follows a specific process of the movement of the hands and drags the waste in the body into the lymph nodes where the lymphocytes are situated. The lymphatic fluid helps in getting rid of waste from the body.

Relaxes body: This technique of massage therapy destresses your body. A person works in a stressful environment every day, which however causes many fatal diseases. To reduce the level of stress, hot stone massage relaxes your body.

Energizes your body: There are seven energy points in your body known as chakras. Hot stones are placed on these energy points to balance out the energy flow, thereby giving energy to your body. The increased blood circulation also provides essential nutrients to every part of your body.

It is recommended that people who have knowledge of massage should enroll in hot stone massage coursewith the best institutes and get certifies recognition.

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