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Beauty and Therapy Courses Birmingham

Eyelash extension is a big trending business in the world of beauty and fashion. Before false eyelash extensions were for the rich, famous and fabulous. Now, everyone can afford extensions, even semi-permanent ones. For beauty technicians and aspiring beauty and fashion consultants’ false eyelash extension courses can open new avenues for additional income and shift into a more creative career in beauty and fashion.  

False eyelash extension courses are additional investments in your career or beauty salon/spa business, and should be taken seriously. First of all, the school offering the courses should be NVQ and Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists accredited. NVQ and Guild accreditation and certification are requisites to be able to practice being a lash technician or artist and offer the service. Our school is accredited by both NVQ and the Guild. Classes are held with smaller numbers to ensure students receive one on one time with instructors. Courses are comprehensive both in theory and practices. Support service and coaching are available even after certification. One on one instructions can be arranged if necessary.

An extensive review of health and safety aspects of false eyelash extension applications is given the first priority. Discussing the possible extension malfunctions such as uncomfortable eyelashes and an allergic reaction to the false eyelash extension glue. Health and safety precautions in the applications are talked through thoroughly because this is the backbone of the service. Safety precautions ensure you have happy returning customers for top ups on a regular basis. Our school will give you details on the use of different products to satisfy your customers. Learn the different techniques in applying the false eyelash extensions in line with the products in the market today.

Since false eyelash extension courses are independent from other beauty and therapy courses, experience is not necessary to be able to absorb the lessons. This is a whole new dimension in creative beauty and as you practice the skill, the more you will learn on what kind of eyelashes would go well for each client. Our broad knowledge and experience in false eyelash extension backs you up as you go through your first 3 to 6 months of “field training” on your own. Any mishaps or problems encountered can be discussed with our instructors. Our course service include post certification consultation.

False eyelash extension courses open new doors to be more creative, a jump start into a new career, additional services in an existing salon/spa and better income prospect.

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