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Artificial nail extension: alternatives that everyone must know about

Nails are as important as the pearly white smile for a remarkable personality. It is a norm to have longer fingernails, embellished with a range of blitz and accessories, for all modern women. However, maintenance of longer nails can be tricky. So, are there options for nail extension, which can help people have the envious nail?

Yeah, there are a number of options; here we are discussing those artificial extension alternatives that help many to have longer and manicured nails.

Gel nails

For artificial nail extension, a special calls gel is used, which is needs to be cured or hardened by ultraviolet light. The gel is considered safe and does not harm the natural nail. However, for good results competency of a professional is important. Prefer a nail expert who has done a nail course if you are considering a gel nail extension.


Unlike gel, a liquid monomer and polymer powder are mixed together for making artificial acrylic nail. Just like gel nails, acrylic based nails are safe for all purpose. The nail looks natural and it is hard for untrained eyes to differentiate them. Acting as a hard cover for your nails, acrylic can endure wear and tear last longer than alternatives. A word of caution: never try to remove the nail by yourself, as it can damage the natural nail and adjoining tissues. Therefore, it is recommended to take help of professional, who is acrylic nail extension course graduate.

Wrap nails

Made from a range of materials, including linen, silk, fiver and tissues, nail wraps can help you have beautiful nails. Essentially used for repairing a damaged nail, the option has been used by a number of professionals for decorating and extending nails, too.


One of the most popular options, sculpted nails come with various designs over lay. And a professional used acrylic or gel to affix them over natural nails. Just like acrylic nails, they can endure ill maintenance and continue to be a source of envy for other women for a longer time.

All these alternatives for nail extension and beatification are safe; however, it is crucial to take service of a trained individual, thus, always check if the professional has done Acrylic nail extension course or related ones.

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